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 Companies that provide tower services are called cell tower companies.  There is smooth cell communication in areas where there are many cell towers  A cell tower that hosts many cell providers brings in more profit. The question is, should I sell my tower lease?


Consult a cell tower lease consultant before you lease your land to any company.  Wireless companies may take advantage of individuals who don't have consultants to negotiate good lease prices for them.


A cell tower landlord advocate is an advocate who helps in the legal process that pertains to a cell tower lease agreement.  Property owners should take advantage of advocates who know the laws concerning cell towers in different regions.


Cell Tower Leases landlord is a person who has leased out their land or building for cell tower placement.  A strategic location of one's property is what makes a desirable place to put a cell tower.  


A cell tower lease buyout means that the owner of the land or roof of a building gets a onetime payment for using the property.  

 To get a good valuation for the cell tower, consider the market value of a cell tower lease, value of your property and where the cell tower will be placed on your property or building.  A proper valuation means you will get the best price for what you offer. 


 Property owners should ensure that they get written contracts for their own protection when dealing with the lease company.   Once a cell tower is placed, there will be certain stipulations for a property owner that a consultant can help a property owner understand. 


Fresh negotiations for a lease means you are getting a lease renewal because the previous lease is expired.  Consultants ensure that property owners get good value for leased properties during lease renewals.


Term escalators refer to a payment percentage for a couple of years while an annual escalator refers to a percentage that can be adjusted annually. 


As a property owner you may see a cell company seeking to upgrade its rooftop cell site coverage.   Drawings by cell tower companies on upgrades they intend to do should be given to property owners to make them aware of the changes.  Cell tower companies must submit consent letters to property owners before they can proceed with any rooftop cell site upgrades.


Finally, don't sign contracts or consent letters without consulting your advocate.  Don't think that you don't have options when a cell tower company comes knocking but stay open to other options. Consider your method of rent payment carefully before you sign anything.   Property owners benefit more through annual payment terms instead of term escalators.  Check this video about cell tower leasing: